I offer myself for election as your servant leader as Member of Parliament from August 2017 . I promise to work hard to bring positive change through participatory initiation of projects that will revolutionalize our beloved constituency both socially and economically.

I shall work with all administrative, elected, nominated or appointed leaders for the good of the community. I will strive to unite the constituents to achieve sustainable development and progress of our people.Many people know me as a committed family man, husband and father to my children.Guided by the Lord Almighty, I promise to serve and unite the people of Tigania East without partiality in location, relationship, clanism, political affiliation or creed.

I will serve the people without fear, favour or discrimination guided by my core values of: Love, service, justice, generosity and self-sacrifice for the common good of all Tigania people.


A healthy and wealthy Tigania East where people have socio-economic ability to lead good lives.




Josephat Gichunge Kabeabea

To lay a firm foundation through proper legislation, representation, oversight, strategic planning and good management of available resources to restore the lost glory of Tigania East for current and future generations.

Josephat Gichunge Kabeabea

-Transparency and accountability
Josephat Gichunge Kabeabea

My family

My Family