My Achievements

Summary of My Achievements So Far
Using my own resources, I have done many things including:
1. Fundraised for more than 500 needy students and fully sponsored more than 20 others;
2. Donated revision books to more than 20 primary and secondary schools;
3. Donated iron sheets for roofing classrooms in many schools including Ntirutu, Rumanthi, Lanyiruu, Laibocha, Mula, Luthii, Mukalamatu, Mathiritine and others.
4. fully funded construction of modern model classrooms for Kithuraku and Marega Pry Schools that serve as examples to what will be done during my leadership as MP
5.  Donated desks, chairs and books for many schools, to mention but a few,  Antuanthenge, Antuarimata and Ankamia in Thangatha Ward
6. I have contributed immensely to the construction of many churches in TE
7. I have funded construction of bridges and culverts in many areas, e.g., Kabui, Gaciampau in Thangatha Ward; Kiiya and Mweromburi in Mikinduri Ward; Gabbions in Thuuria, a bridge at the historical Mbuuri e M’Mu-tunyi at Nduluma, Kinangaru, Lanyiruu in Muthara Ward; funded putting concrete on the historically impassa-ble Kiigene steep portion of Kirimanchuuma road in Kiguchwa Ward;
8. Responded immediately to distress calls and in times of fire accidents and death by consoling the affected and providing assistance, e.g. Maburwa bandit attack, hired an helicopter to support other leaders and the security to pursue cattle rustlers and helped recover cattle in Northern Grazing Area (rwanda) of Tigania East bordering Isiolo, fire outbreak at Mulika market among others.
9. Paid hospital bills and assisted many bereaved families
10. Funded maintenance of water sources and water intakes and donating water pipes to water projects in many parts of Tigania East.