1. Education

CDF Kitty for Schools’ Development
1. I will ensure equitable distribution of CDF kitty to develop schools through proper tendering without corrup-tion, no brokers, no discrimination or family favouritism.
2. All CDF kitty shall be allocated to schools regardless of political affiliation.
3. All CDF cheques allocated to schools will be used 100% by schools without asking for kickbacks.
4. All CDF Funds given to schools to be managed 100% by elected BOM without political interference.
5. I will establish a constituency level loan scheme for higher education so as to benefit the students who miss allocation from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).

Bursary Allocation
1. I will lobby the parliament for additional bursary funds.
2. I will ensure that bursary funds are well distributed to needy children through proper identification without discrimination.
3. I will provide full scholarship from Form 1-4 to the best Std 8 students in public primary schools per Ward in the spirit of improving academic excellence and competition.

Improving Education Standards
1. I respect teaching as a serious and noble profession in this country. If you cannot dictate a doctor on what medicine to prescribe, teaching should not be interferred with politically. I therefore promise to protect every teacher regardless of political affiliation from any type of intimidation so that they can produce the best results for the benefit of our children.
2. I endeavour to source for scholarships and sponsorship from local and overseas partners to develop a critical mass of young professionals in various fields
3. I promise to establish tertiary institutions in TE and fight to ensure that the proposed University at St. Agelas Nguthiru and other proposed areas are established without unnecessary delay or pursuit of political mileage.
4. I promise to provide bursary funds to college and university students without discrimination.
5. I will provide incentives to both learners and teachers to enhance healthy competition in all our learning institutions
6. I will  initiate benchmarking process for capacity building of teachers
7. I will lobby for all schools in TE to be included in hardship areas
8. I will assist the less fortunate students to realize their goals in the field of education.
9. I believe that improving education is not about constructing classrooms ONLY. I promise to construct science laboratories in all public secondary schools to promote science in TE
10. I will support all the existing secondary schools and start new ones to bring education nearer to the people and hence providing employment to our young trained but unemployed teachers
11. I promise to support and work with teachers’ unions but remain non-partisan during election of union leaders because I believe in strong unions to deliver on teachers grievances
12. Ensure equitable distribution of teachers in all schools without interferring with staffing matters