3. Water, irrigation and Agriculture

Without water, it is impossible to practice profitable agricultural activities. In collaboration with County Govern-ment, I intend to make agriculture the lead wealth earner at all costs by doing the following:

1. Support the completion of existing water projects that were started by my predecessors and start new ones.
2. Support construction of water pans and sinking of boreholes to make water plentiful for domestic use, animals and irrigation especially during dry seasons
3. Work with water resource users’ associations (WRUA’s) to conserve water and improve the environment
4. Work with water resource management authority (WRMA) / Water Trust Fund to construct common water intakes to curb water shortages during dry seasons
5. Fund water projects to improve water piping and storage
6. Work with the county government to provide affordable fertilizer to the farmers and nearer to the consumers
7. Facilitate farmers in marketing of produce outside the conventional market to fetch better returns
8. To ensure that agricultural extension is taken seriously and all responsible officers are present on the ground through logistical support and facilitation where necessary.
9. Provide storage facilities near to the farmers and look for better markets for their crops
10. Train farmers on cultivation of new crops and value addition to develop new products with higher value to ensure better returns
11. Encourage dairy farming by introducing and providing milk buying centres, storage and transportation to the market.