4. Security

External Security
I will work with security agencies of the National and County Governments to ensure security of
1. cattle keepers of Muthara and Karama Wards and
2. people along border areas of Thangatha.I promise to intiate cross-border negotiations with our neighbours to promote peaceful co-existence and reduced conflicts and loss of life.

Internal Security
Strenghthen nyumba kumi initiative for improved security coordination and information sharing
Intensify police patrols through cordination with security agenciesI promise to work with communities, local administration and security agencies to ensure that there is cooperation and peaceful coexistence.
I will support recruitment of additional police reservists in high risk areas of Tigania East
I will fight for deployment of more police reservists in conflict-prone areas of Tigania East
I will fight for existing police posts in Tigania East to be well staffed and more efficient