5. Infrastructure and safe transport

1. I promise that construction of roads funded through KERRA and CDF Road Funds will be awarded only to registered contrac-tors through transparent and competitive bidding
2. I promise to work with matatu owners to strengthen the operations of existing matatu SACCOs through training and access to afffordable credit
3. I intend to work with all concerned author-ities such as KERRA, National and County Governments to improve infrastructure and safe transport in Tigania East
4. I will work with the County Government to provide shelter and waiting sheds at all major matatu stages in Tigania East
5. I will support boda boda riders to acquire driving licences
6. I promise to support boda boda riders to get organized in groups and facilitate them acquire knowledge and skills for safe driving
7. I will support boda boda riders to establish their own SACCOs for regular saving and access to loans.