6. Employment and industrialization


I promise to identify talented young people and support them to realize their full potential in the following areas:

1. Entertainment, music, art and drama;
2. Games and athletics;
3. Culture and heritage among others.

To do this, I promise to:
1. provide qualified (trained) coaches and trainers for ball games, athletics, music and drama;
2. organize and register football, volleyball, handball and netball clubs in every Ward to nurture talent, create jobs and generate income;
3. collaborate with County Government to strengthen and equip vocational training centres to nurture and devel-op talents, abilities and business in various areas including music,
4. Encourage formation of SACCOS and investment schemes for the jua kali sector
5. Encourage and improve different talents through benchmarking workshops and organized committees
6. organize youth, women and people who are differently-abled with technical skills and knowledge to register companies that can win Government tenders to generate income and provide employment through AGPO (Access to Government Procurement Opportunities);
7. support the establishment of cottage industries