7. Youth, Women & the Aged

In order to
1. I will commission a baseline survey to establish a database detailing qualifications for the youth and expertise
2. I support talent identificaction and further facilitating them to achieve their full potential
3. Ensure that the youth, women, widows, widowers, orphans and the aged funds are provided through the con-stituency and distributed to the deserving without favourism, descrimination or delay
4. I will ensure that all the young people involved in informal businesses and casual jobs are uplisted through formation of groups that will be funded through the CDF kitty
5. Intervention initiatives towards school dropouts to encourage them to resume studies
6. Encourage and support registration of women groups to access credit and promote their activities such as merry go rounds
7. Collaborate with the County Government appreciate ex-MauMau fighters, other heroes/heroines and their families.
8. Establish a care and recreation centre for the aged.