Differently Abled People

Differently-abled people:
1.Assist DAP with wheel chairs, hearing-aids, crutches, caliphers and other appropriate aids to improve their quality of life
2. Support care and maintenance of the provided aids for DAPs in (a) above
3. Facilitate establishment of groups and associations for DAP
4. Provide revolving fund for the DAP groups and associations without discrimination
5. Support vocational training for DAP to improve their incomes and livelihoods
6. Encourage and educate communities on the need for DAP-friendly facilities and environment (I will support inclusion DAP-friendly facilities in all new buildings funded by CDF)
7. I will encourage and support the training of at least one special needs teacher per Ward per year
8. Sponsor and support construction and equiping of one assessment centre in TE
9. Encourage inclusion and representation of DAPs in all committees in TE


Religious organizations:
Churches and religious organizations play a critical role in the shaping the character and lives of people. To this effect, I promise to introduce a Bill in Parliament to ensure that religious organizations benefit from the CDF kitty.I will encourage religious leaders to establish a revolving fund to improve their welfare